Editorial Boards

AAPM&R would like to thank the following members of the PM&R Knowledge NOW® Editorial Board for the countless hours of hard work and expertise they provide to the development of this one-of-a-kind resource.

PM&R Knowledge NOW® Chair

Samuel Mayer, MD

Rehabilitation of Central Nervous System Disorders Board

Editorial Board Leader
Sunil Sabharwal, MD

Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD
Marika J. Hess, MD
Lisa A. Lombard, MD
Craig DiTommaso, MD
Diane Mortimer, MD
Deborah A. Crane, MD, MPH

Essentials of Rehabilitation Practice and Science Board

Editorial Board Leader
Matthew N. Bartels MD, MPH

Chong-Tae Kim, MD
Michael K. Mallow, MD
Jose Mena, MD
K. Rao Poduri, MD
Mary Catherine Spires, MD
Henry S. York, MD
Isabel C. Borras-Fernandez, MD

Medical Rehabilitation Board

Editorial Board Leader
David Berbrayer, MD

Rina Bloch, MD
Jennifer Baima, MD
Mooyeon Oh-Park, MD
David Haustein, MD

Musculoskeletal Medicine Board

Editorial Board Leader
Andrew L. Sherman, MD

Jonathan Kirschner, MD
Faisel Zaman, MD
Ninad Karandikar, MD
Sara Raiser, MD
Girardo Miranda-Comas, MD
Todd Lefkowitz, DO

Pain/Neuromuscular Medicine Rehabilitation Board

Editorial Board Leader
Michael W Molter, DO

Sayed Wahezi, MD
Kevin Fitzpatrick, MD
Robert Lavin, MD
Natasa Miljkovic, MD
Subhadra Nori, MD
Will Anderson, MD
Ari C. Greis, DO

Pediatric Rehabilitation Board

Editorial Board Leader
Melissa K. Trovato, MD

Maurice G. Sholas, MD, PhD
Vikki A. Stefans, MD,
Matthew McLaughlin, MD
Kimberly Hartman, MD
Chong-Tae Kim, MD
Sam S. Wu, MD, MA, MPH, MBA​​